Sunday, June 28, 2009

Photos from Amanda Aggen

Amanda Aggen is the first to send a link to her reunion photos. These are also available on the Photos page. You'll need a Facebook account to be able to view them. If you have photos you'd like to share, email a link to your photos to

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Family Tree

Wouldn't it be great if we had a family tree on this website? Please email what you have to, and I'll try and post it for all to see. (Lois, that means YOU!)

Chili Cook-Off

Neil Wimbush suggested we use the website to share some of the award-winning chili recipes. If you are willing to share your recipe, email it to and we'll post it here.

Cindi's winning taco chili


If you have photos from past reunions you'd like to share with the clan, let us know. We don't have space to store them all here. Instead, if you store your photos on Facebook, Flickr, PicasaWeb or elsewhere online, send an email to with a link to your photos. We'll post the link for everyone to see on this page.

Looking for a convenient place to keep your photos online? I recommend PicasaWeb from Google. Click here to get started on PicasaWeb.
  • 1997 (Winter Park)
    photos from Paul & Beth VanderLei
  • 2000 (Branson)
    photos from Paul & Beth VanderLei
  • 2003 (Petoskey)
    photos from Paul & Beth VanderLei
  • 2006 (Kentucky)
    photos from Paul & Beth VanderLei
    photos from Rich Dragt
  • 2009 (Kentucky)
    photos from Amanda Aggen (facebook login required)
    photos from Paul & Beth VanderLei
    photos form Neil Wimbush
    photos from Rich Dragt
    photos from Wendy Williams
    photos from Jill Nickels
    photos form Indy Buikema (walgreens login required)


The Dragt Reunions began way back in 1982. Here's a list of when and where our reunions have been held:

  • 1982 - Gun Lake, MI
  • 1985 - Gun Lake, MI
  • 1988 - Palos Heights, IL
  • 1991 - Winter Park, CO
  • 1994 - Wisconsin Dells, WI
  • 1997 - Winter Park, CO
  • 2000 - Branson, MO
  • 2003 - Petoskey, MI
  • 2006 - Grand Rivers, KY
  • 2009 - Grand Rivers, KY

Next Reunion

Our next reunion is scheduled to take place in 2012. Any thoughts on where? Any volunteers to help organize it?

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Welcome to!

While we were in Kentucky for our tenth triennial family reunion, I got to thinking that we could better stay in touch and share information if we had a website. Hopefully this will make organizing the next reunion a bit simpler. It also gives us a place to keep information on past reunions.

Please take a minute to sign up for email updates. Once you sign up, you'll get an email any time there's a new announcement on this website. It's the simplest way to keep everyone up to date on the plans for the next reunion. (I works great for our local Little League, where we need to get information out to our 800+ email subscribers.)

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-Paul VanderLei